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Friday, May 31

Eagle’s Vogt runner-up in 300 hurdles


State track and field meet (Welcome Stadium, Dayton)


Colonel Crawford (Vogt, Hill, DeGray, Cochran) 5th in boys 4x200 relay

Seneca East’s Schiefer 10th and Colonel Crawford’s Chase 14th in girls 1600 run

Colonel Crawford (Holt, A. McKibben, Roston, Slagle) 7th in girls 4x100 relay

Seneca East (Beamer, Shultz, Young, Bordner) 7th in boys 4x100 relay

Colonel Crawford’s Vogt 2nd in boys 300 hurdles

Colonel Crawford (Roston, Holt, L. McKibben, Hardy) 8th in girls 4x400 relay



Thursday, May 30

BC’s Bloomfield, SE 4x800 state runners-up


Division III regional semifinal at Patrick Henry

Lake 6, Wynford 1



State track and field meet (Welcome Stadium, Dayton)


Seneca East’s Ruffing 10th in boys discus

Colonel Crawford’s Shipman 14th in girls high jump

Buckeye Central’s Bloomfield 2nd in boys long jump

Carey’s Bushong 12th in girls shot put

Colonel Crawford’s Roston 5th in girls pole vault

Seneca East’s Kagy 9th and Carey’s Bushong 14th in girls discus

Colonel Crawford (Bruner, Chase, Edgington, Hardy) 11th and Seneca East (Enders, Schiefer, Lantz, Kagy-Alexander) 14th in girls 4x800 relay

Seneca East (Schiefer, Schreiner, Smith, Gahring) 2nd in boys 4x800 relay


Carey’s Baker 16th in the boys 110 hurdles

Colonel Crawford (A. McKibben, L. McKibben, Hardy, Holt) 16th in girls 4x200 relay

Colonel Crawford (Vogt, Hill, DeGray, Cochran) 7th and Seneca East (Young, Beamer, Shultz, Bordner) 14th in boys 4x200 relay

Colonel Crawford (Holt, A. McKibben, Roston, Slagle) 6th in girls 4x100 relay

Seneca East (Beamer, Shultz, Young, Bordner) 6th and Colonel Crawford (Vogt, Cochran, C. McMichael, Foy) 12th in boys 4x100 relay

Colonel Crawford’s Vogt 1st and Carey’s Baker 12th in boys 300 hurdles

Colonel Crawford (Roston, Holt, L. McKibben, Hardy) 8th in girls 4x400 relay

Colonel Crawford (Hill, Scott, Cochran, Vogt) 11th in boys 4x400 relay




Saturday, May 25

Royals win baseball district championship


Division III district final at Shelby

Wynford 7, Oak Harbor 2



Girls: Upper Sandusky 39th at Division II regional (Lexington)



Friday, May 24

Blue Devils come up just short of state


Division IV district final at Heise Park (Galion)

South Central 1, Seneca East 0



Division IV regional final at Rossford

Monroeville 6, Carey 5



Girls: Colonel Crawford 2nd, Seneca East 9th, Buckeye Central 36th and Wynford NS in Division III regional (Heath)

Boys: Seneca East 2nd, Colonel Crawford 8th, Buckeye Central 25th, Bucyrus 38th and Wynford 38th in Division III regional (Heath)

Girls: Carey 6th and Mohawk NS in Division III regional (Fostoria)

Boys: Carey 16th and Mohawk 34th in Division III regional (Fostoria)

State qualifiers: Boys: Carey’s Baker (110 and 300 hurdles), Colonel Crawford’s Vogt (300 hurdles), Seneca East 4x100 relay (Beamer, Shultz, Young, Bordner), Colonel Crawford 4x100 relay (McMichael, Cochran, Foy, Vogt), Colonel Crawford 4x200 relay (Hill, Cochran, DeGray, Vogt), Seneca East 4x200 relay (Young, Beamer, Shultz, Bordner), Colonel Crawford 4x400 relay (Hill, Vogt, Cochran, Scott). Girls: Seneca East’s Schiefer (1600 run), Colonel Crawford’s Chase (1600 run), Colonel Crawford 4x100 relay (A. McKibben, Holt, Roston, Slagle), Colonel Crawford 4x200 relay (Hardy, L. McKibben, A. McKibben, Holt), Colonel Crawford 4x400 relay (Hardy, L. McKibben, Roston, Holt), Seneca East’s Kagy (discus), Carey’s Bushong (discus).




N10 emphasizes sportsmanship policy

The Northern10 Athletic Conference, in association with the Ohio High School Athletic Association, promotes interscholastic events and excellent sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is an essential part of any athletic competition and is expected from all athletes, coaches, officials, and fans. As a fan/spectator (student or adult) of any Northern10 affiliated school, we want all of us to be an example of positive encouragement while supporting our athletes, coaches, and officials. Our behavior should be positive, respectful, and encouraging of the athletes, coaches, officials, and the game. We remind you that your admission to this contest provides you with the opportunity to support rival student-athletes in friendly competition, not the opportunity to become a distraction to, or ruin the experience of competitors, coaches, officials, or other fans.

Failure to be an example of these athletic practices and earning an ejection from an athletic contest, whether at a home or away event, will result in set protocols being taken by the conference’s administration. The protocols are listed on the Northern10 Athletic Conference’s website and all Northern10 Athletic Conference affiliated school’s web pages under “Athletics.” We thank you for your cooperation in this endeavor.

For the full policy, click here.





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