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Thursday, August 25

Ridgedale, Mohawk golf stay undefeated in N10

Boys golf

Ridgedale 180, Buckeye Central 214 (at GC Bucyrus)

Bucyrus 192, Colonel Crawford 207 (at Valley View)

Mohawk 170, Wynford 213 (at GC Bucyrus)



Buckeye Central 3, Seneca East 0

Mohawk 3, Colonel Crawford 0

Carey 3, Upper Sandusky 0

Wynford 3, Ridgedale 1



Wednesday, August 24

Seneca East edges Upper Sandusky by 1 stroke

Girls golf

Lexington JV 215, Buckeye Central 232, Seneca East 264 (at Cranberry Hills)

Wynford 227, Galion 244 (at GC Bucyrus)


Boys golf

Seneca East 189, Upper Sandusky 190 (at Lincoln Hills)



Tuesday, August 23

BC, Carey, SE, Wynford open N10 play with wins

Cross country

Boys: Carey 4th, Wynford 13th and Upper Sandusky 16/16th at Icebreaker Invitational (Upper Sandusky Harrison Smith Park)

Girls: Carey 5th, Upper Sandusky 8th and Wynford 14th/14 at Icebreaker Invitational (Upper Sandusky Harrison Smith Park)


Boys golf

Clyde 167, Woodmore 172, Seneca East 198 (at Green Hills)

Plymouth 182, Wynford 194 (at GC Bucyrus)


Girls golf

Bucyrus vs. Mansfield St. Peter's (GC Bucyrus) 4:15 PM



Buckeye Central 3, Mohawk 0

Carey 3, Colonel Crawford 0

Seneca East 3, Ridgedale 0

Wynford 3, Bucyrus 0



Monday, August 22

Mohawk, Seneca East stay undefeated in N10

Cross country

 Boys: Bucyrus 5th, Buckeye Central 9th/9 and Ridgedale NS at Northmor Invitational

Girls: Buckeye Central 6th, Bucyrus 7th and Ridgedale 9th/9 at Northmor Invitational


Boys golf

Ridgedale 179, Crestline 215 (at Valley View)

Mohawk 174, Bucyrus 214 (at GC Bucyrus)

Upper Sandusky 170, Buckeye Central 193 (at Cranberry Hills)

Seneca East 162, Colonel Crawford 207 (at Clinton Heights)

Carey 164, Wynford 210 (at Bob's Countryside)


Girls golf

Willard 209, Seneca East 252 (at Willard GC)

Wynford 224, Bucyrus 263 (at GC Bucyrus)

Buckeye Central 227, Mohawk 259 (at Cranberry Hills)



Saturday, August 20

Carey, Colonel Crawford open season with wins


Arlington 3, Wynford 0

Ashland Crestview 3, Bucyrus 0

McComb 3, Upper Sandusky 0

Colonel Crawford 3, Riverdale 2

Fairfield Christian 3, Ridgedale 0

Tiffin Columbian 2, Seneca East 0

Hopewell-Loudon 2, Seneca East 0

Carey 2, North Baltimore 0

Carey 2, Fostoria St. Wendelin 0




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Spring results

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Upcoming schedule


Friday, August 26


Mohawk at Fremont St. Joseph 7:00 PM

Bucyrus at Galion 7:00 PM

Wynford vs. Liberty-Benton 7:00 PM

Carey vs. McComb 7:00 PM

Colonel Crawford at Mount Gilead 7:00 PM

Buckeye Central vs. Plymouth 7:00 PM

Ridgedale at Ridgemont 7:00 PM

Upper Sandusky at River Valley 7:00 PM

Seneca East vs. South Central 7:00 PM


Saturday, August 27

Cross country

Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Carey and Colonel Crawford at Early Bird Invitational (Colonel Crawford) 9:00 AM

Mohawk, Ridgedale, Seneca East and Wynford at Tiger Classic (Seneca East) 9:00 AM

Boy golf

Ridgedale at Mount Gilead Invite (Pine Lakes) 9:00 AM


Bucyrus at Riverdale 10:00 AM

Upper Sandusky at Tiffin Columbian 10:00 AM

Wynford vs. Shelby 11:00 AM

Mohawk vs. Old Fort/Edison 1:00 PM


Monday, August 29


Carey at Hopewell-Loudon (Loudon Meadows) 4:30 PM

Colonel Crawford at Mohawk (Lincoln Hills) 4:30 PM

Wynford and North Baltimore at Seneca East (Clinton Hts.) 4:30 PM

Girls golf

Buckeye Central vs. Bellevue 4:30 PM

Seneca East vs. North Baltimore 4:30 PM


Seneca East vs. Shelby 5:30 PM

Carey at New Riegel 6:00 PM

Ridgedale at Shekinah Christian 6:00 PM


Tuesday, August 30

Cross country

Buckeye Central at Plymouth Invitational (Fate Park) 4:30 PM


Ridgedale at Colonel Crawford (Valley View) 4:15 PM

Seneca East at Mohawk (Lincoln Hills) 4:30 PM

Girls golf

Wynford at Tiffin Columbian (Seneca Hills) 4:15 PM

Bucyrus at Galion (Galion CC) 4:30 PM

Buckeye Central at Norwalk St. Paul 4:30 PM

Seneca East vs. Willard 4:30 PM


Bucyrus at Seneca East 5:30 PM

Wynford at Colonel Crawford 5:30 PM

Carey at Mohawk 5:30 PM

Upper Sandusky at Ridgedale 5:30 PM


Wednesday, August 31


Bucyrus at Upper Sandusky (Lincoln Hills) 4:15 PM

Carey at Buckeye Central (Cranberry Hills) 4:30 PM


Buckeye Central at Wynford (GC Bucyrus) 4:00 AM


Thursday, September 1


Mohawk at Old Fort (Nature Trails) 4:00 PM

Buckeye Central at Bucyrus (GC Bucyrus) 4:15 PM

Wynford vs. Plymouth 4:30 PM

Carey at Ridgedale (GC Bucyrus) 4:30 PM


Upper Sandusky at Buckeye Central 5:30 PM

Mohawk at Bucyrus 5:30 PM

Wynford at Carey 5:30 PM

Colonel Crawford at Seneca East 5:30 PM


Friday, September 2


Bucyrus at McLean Open (Oak Tree) 9:00 AM


Wynford at Bucyrus 7:00 PM

Carey at Colonel Crawford 7:00 PM

Upper Sandusky vs. Elgin 7:00 PM

Buckeye Central at Mohawk 7:00 PM

Seneca East at Ridgedale 7:00 PM


Saturday, September 3

Cross country

Carey at Columbus Grove Invitational 9:00 AM

Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford, Mohawk, Ridgedale, Seneca East, Upper Sandusky and Wynford at Elks Invitational (Bucyrus fair.) 9:00 AM


Bucyrus, Mohawk and Upper Sandusky at Bellevue Inv. (Sleepy Hollow) 9:00 AM


Buckeye Central at Redskin Invitational (St. Henry) 10:00 AM

Carey vs. Riverdale 10:00 AM

Wynford vs. River Valley 11:00 AM

Upper Sandusky at Pleasant 2:00 PM